Fee Schedule

Effective December 1st, 2017

As a condition of membership, you must purchase and maintain the minimum required share(s) as set forth below. Par Value of One Share – $5.00 Number of Shares Required – 1


IRA Account Closure $25.00/account(if closed within 1 year of opening)
IRA Account Outgoing Transfer $25.00 / request


Nonsufficient Funds $28.00
Courtesy Pay $28.00 with a maximum of 4 charges per day. **
Returned Item $28.00 / item
Stop Payment $25.00 / request $25.00 / block of checks
Copy of Paid Share Draft $3.00 / item
Overdraft Transfer $10.00, 1 free per month
Bill Payer $5.75 / month
Recurring Debit Overdraft $28.00
Inactivity Fee $5.00/month after 6 months of inactivity


Wire Transfer: Incoming

$15.00 / transfer
$35.00 / transfer
Western Union: Within the U.S. $15.00 / transfer
Money Order $2.00 / money order
Money Order stop payment $15.00
Account reconcilement $20.00 / hour ($10.00 minimum charge)
Account research $20.00 /hour ($10.00 minimum charge)
Account activity printout $3.00 / printout
Deposited item return $28.00 / item
Dormant account $5.00 /month, after 24 months of no account activity
Copy of statement $3.00 / statement
Overdraft $28.00 / item
Courtesy Pay $28.00 with a maximum of 4 charges per day.
Return item $28.00 / item
Share draft printing $10.00 / year if statement is returned undeliverable with no forwarding address
Overdraft Transfer $10.00 / transfer
VISA Gift Card $2.50 each
Account verification processing $10.00 / verification
Postal address service correction $5.00 / account
Canadian check processing $10.00, does not include exchange rate
Court order / legal / tax levy $35.00
Shared Service Center Access $2.00 / account per visit
Non-member check cashing $2.00


ATM Withdrawal/transfer $1.00/transaction, 8 free per month (waived for transactions at Proprietary ATMs)
Card Replacement $10.00 / card
ACH Overdraft $28.00 / item
Courtesy Pay $28.00 with a maximum of 4 charges per day.
ATM Inquiry $1.00 / inquiry
Online Banking: Stop Payment Return Items $25.00 $28.00
Overdraft Transfer $10.00 / transfer
Audio Response/Telephone Teller Calls $2.00 /call, after four (4) free per month

The rates and fees appearing on this Schedule are accurate as of the effective date shown above. If you have any questions or require current fee information on your accounts, please call the Credit Union.

**A maximum of four overdrafts will be covered per day for a maximum fee of $112.00 per day. Share draft accounts with a negative balance will be closed after 45 days. Must pass Chex systems report. Other restrictions apply. The credit union will provide a periodic statement disclosure regarding the total amount of overdraft fees and charges imposed on an account for the statement period and the calendar year-to-date.

Statutory Lien Notice. If you are in default on a financial obligation to Americo Federal Credit Union, Federal Law gives us the right to apply member shares, dividends and deposits in your account(s) at the time of default to satisfy the obligation. When you default, we may exercise the right without further notification to you. Further, we may impress shares of any member who is a responsible party on a financial obligation in default at the credit union.