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For one stop financial shopping, the credit union offers many additional services beyond the traditional savings and loan products.  You can purchase money orders and travelers checks, send wire transfers or use our Western Union services.

We offer many ways for you to deposit your funds.  You can set up payroll deduction through your employer or have your funds directly deposited via ACH.  Internet Home Banking and our audio response program gives you the ability to check on your accounts, transfer funds and even request a withdrawal check to be sent directly to your home!  ATM and debit cards are available to our sharedraft account holder.  Use your debit card to make purchases at any merchant who accepts MasterCard or use it to make cash withdrawals at the many local ATM's.

 Convenience for you, our valued member, is our number "1" priority!


Home Banking
Manage your accounts safely and securely from the comfort of your home.  
Check your balance, transfer funds, make loan payments, view your account information and more. It's easy and it's free! 

Internet Bill-Pay
Save time and money by using our Electronic Bill Payment Service.  You can pay your bills when you want, any time of the day or night.  You will save time and money because Bill Pay eliminates the need to write checks and buy stamps. (There is a nominal fee for this service).

For an Online Banking application, click here.

As an Online Banking user, you can view your statement electronically with Statement Express (eStatement).  Statement Express will store six (6) months of previous eStatements.  eStatement Service is Free.

Once signed up, you will receive an email the 1st of the month notifying you that your statement is ready.  
Remember, once enrolled in eStatement, you will no longer receive a paper statement in the mail.

Mobile Money
Mobile Money is a secure, convenient way to access your credit union accounts anytime, anywhere, using your mobile device.   Must be an Online Banking user to sign up for Mobile Money.  
Americo FCU does not charge for Mobile Money, however there is a monthly fee for the Bill Pay service.  There may be charges associated with text messaging and data usage on your phone.  Check with your wireless phone service provider for details on specific fees and charges that may apply.

Audio Response
Our Audio Response system allows convenient access to your account and credit union information using a touch-tone phone.  There is a nominal fee for this service.

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Direct Deposit
Most employers offer direct deposit of your pay to the financial institution of your choice.  We accept direct deposits from any employer, as well as from all government agencies and pension/investment companies.  When signing up for direct deposit or automatic withdrawals, you need to know our routing and transit or ABA number.  Our number is 243380833.  You will also need to know your credit union account number which can be found on your credit union statement.  

Payroll Deductions
Many of our employer groups offer payroll deduction as a means to transfer payroll funds to the credit union.  Payroll deduction forms can be filled out at the credit union office or with your employer.  Some employers prefer to offer only direct deposit.  Check with the credit union or your employer to see what method of deposit is available to you.

What is the difference between Direct Deposit and Payroll Deduction?
Direct Deposit usually involves depositing all of your paycheck electronically into your account at the credit union.  When using payroll deduction, a portion of your pay is automatically deposited into your account.

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Night Depository
For your convenience, you can drop your deposit or loan payment in our night drop box located next to the ATM machine.  Deosits/payments made after 8:30 a.m. may be credited the next business day.

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MasterMoney Debit Cards
Americo FCU MasterMoney Debit Card is a convenient, quick and easy way to access your share draft account without a checkbook, to make purchases or obtain cash from an ATM machine.   You have access to your account 24-hours a day, 7-days a week through the network of ATM machines.  You may also use your debit card at any merchant who accepts MasterCard.  Debit Card transactions are automatically deducted from your sharedraft/checking balance.

For your protection, all international debit card transactions are blocked.  If you require international access while traveling, please contact us at (814) 833-0433 ext 209 prior to travel. 
What are my Debit Card limits?
The following limitations on the frequency and amount of MasterMoney Debit Card transactions may apply:

* You may make a combined total of twenty (20) MasterMoney Debit Card purchases per day.
* ATM withdrawals cannot exceed nine (9) per day.
* You may purchase up to a maximum of $700 per day.  These purchases can be card and signature or card and PIN (POS) or any combination.
* You may withdraw up to a maximum of $300 in any one day from an ATM machine, if there is sufficient funds in your account.
     Please refer to your "Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure" which covers your and our rights and responsibilities concerning Electronic Funds Transfer services.   

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Money Orders
Money Orders in any denomination up to $1,000 are available at the credit union for a nominal fee.  Visit any teller to purchase these with cash or a withdrawal from your account.

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Travelers Checks
Going on vacation?  American Express Travelers Checks and Travelers Checks for Two are available in various denominations at the west side office only.  A nominal fee does apply.  
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U.S. Savings Bonds
U.S. Savings Bonds are a safe, easy way to save money.  Savings bonds are a reliable, low-risk government-backed savings product that you can use towards financing education, for birthday and graduation gifts, and other special events.  

There is no time like today to begin saving to provide for a secure tomorrow.  Whether you select the 
Series EE or the Series I Bond, your money will grow and remain safe into the future.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has announced it will end over-the-counter purchase of paper savings bonds as of December 31, 2011.  This includes sales of savings bonds through financial institutions and applications mailed directly to the Federal Reserve Bank by customers.  You can purchase electronic savings bonds online through TreasuryDirect at

You can, however, continue to redeem Series EE and I Savings Bonds at the Credit Union.  
Visit for more information. 

Proper identifiction is required.

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VISA Gift Cards
               Need a gift but don't know what to buy? 
      Gift Cards can be used like cash for everyday purchases.
VISA Gift Cards are accepted at many stores, restaurants and entertainment venues.  The VISA Gift Card is an ideal choice for all your gift-giving occasions.  VISA Gift Cards can be purchased in denominations from $10 to $500 for a nominal fee per card.

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Western Union
Transfer money fast with our Western Union Quick Cash service.  Simply stop by any teller window and fill out a Quick Cash Transfer Form.  For a nominal fee, funds can be transferred to almost anywhere in the United States.  Funds are typically available to the recipient one hour after transmittal.

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Wire Transfers
For a  nominal fee, we can wire money anywhere in the world.  You will need to obtain proper wiring instructions from the receiving financial institution before you can initiate a wire transfer.  Domestic wires initiated before noon are generally available to the recipient the same business day.  International wires are subject to the policies of the receiving institution and country.  Wires received at the credit union will be credited to your account on the day of receipt. 

How does someone wire funds into my account?
These are the incoming wire instructions for our credit union:
Wire to Mid-Atlantic Corporate FCU, Harrisburg PA  -  ABA 231387550
For the further credit to the Americo FCU Account  -  #24338083310100
For the final credit to the account of:
         Member's name
         Member's account number
         Designate savings or checking
There is a nominal fee for this service.

How do I wire funds to another institution?
For outgoing wires, you will need to contact the receiving institution and ask for their wire transfer instructions.
They should provide you with their:
         Institution name
         ABA Number
         Any other information needed to handle the wire once it reaches their institution
If the funds are being credited to a third party, you should include that person's name and account number.  
We require a signed authorization to wire funds out of your account.  
Any fees associated with the wire will also be deducted from your account.

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